Week 5: implement site content and a user feedback form with

Milestone 5—Week 5: Implement Site Content And A User Feedback Form With Client-Side Validation


Use the knowledge gained in this week’s lecture and iLab to create a user feedback form. Include all necessary controls (text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, text areas, dropdown lists, and buttons) to allow the user to effectively evaluate your site for usability, accessibility, and navigation. This form will be used in Week 7 to evaluate your site. Also, include client-side validation on key fields in the form. 

Move all site and page-level styles to an external CSS file.

Grading Rubrics

Form layout using <table> layout 8 17 Form using table structure
All required tags available 8 17 As per milestone spec
Required site evaluation options present 8 17 As per milestone spec
Buttons (submit/reset) and form “action” attribute functional 7 17 Submit linked to action attribute, Reset clears form
External CSS file 7 16 Site managed by an external CSS file
Client-side validation functional 7 16 Appropriate controls validated
45 100 A quality project will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.