The garden place case | Accounting homework help

The case handbook is a guide on how to analyze case studies. Be sure to use the guide as a tool when reading and analyzing a case study.

The Garden Place Case involves the analysis of business transactions and preparation of financial statements. It analyzes the efforts of Mary Jane Bowers, who has recently moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, and plans to open a retail garden store. It covers her compilation of financial projections for the initial startup of her business and its first year of operation. Read this case in your Course Pack.  

Assignment: After reading the case only respond to the following questions in the case below: (NOTE: You do not have to respond to the remaining questions at the end of the case).

Use the attached file General Journa&LEDGER.xlsx to complete questions 1 and 2

  1. Prepare journal entries for items 1 – 13.
  2. Post this information to T-account
  3. Prepare a projected balance sheet and income statement in excel as of the end of the day on March 31, 2007.