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Module 6: Applied Data Analytics Capstone

Project Presentation Instructions

The narrated presentation should include slides on the following:

  • Introduction (one slide)
  • Data (two slides)
  • Methods (one slide)
  • Analysis (two to three slides)
  • Conclusion (one slide)

First summarize the purpose of the presentation and the data being analyzed. Then summarize the questions posed in the analysis of the data and the conclusions formed from the analysis. Finally, briefly outline what is contained in the rest of the presentation.


Give a description of the most important data used for analysis in this section. This should include outlining the types of data, count, any pre-processing needed, if there were missing values and steps taken, any need for formatting, normalizing, or transforming categorical values to quantitative variables.


Give the methods you used to gather the data and the set up used for analysis.


Include in this section what was analyzed and the conclusions you made from the analysis. Insert any charts you created from the data in this section. Should be based on analysis techniques that have been covered in class including: descriptive statistics, correlations, ANOVA, linear regression, and multiple linear regression.


Restate the questions you raised in the Introduction, as well as the most relevant results from the analysis. If your presentation contains more than one set of data or analysis, this is the place to compare the different results as needed. Include any questions or recommendations for additional data as needed.

I have attached the files and you have to make slides from these files according to the instructions. You will not need anything else as I already attached the files