Musc 187 civic and global engagement, diversity, and worldview

 CIVIC AND GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT DIVERSITY WORLDVIEW REFLECTION.pdf Univ 104 -B62 CIVIC AND GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT/DIVERSITY/WORLDVIEW REFLECTION Liberty University Univ 104 -B62 A worldview shapes who we are. As a Liberty student, I have a Biblical worldview. A Biblical worldview is €œa framework of beliefs that dictate how you act and interact in the world € (Ellis, 2019, p. 19-a). When possessing a Biblical worldview, Christians look at God s Word as the ultimate authority. As Christians we have a purpose in life to spread God s Word. To be examples of our Father and give him all the glory. Matthew 5:14 reads, €œYe are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid € (KJV). That is our worldview. There are many different ways to strengthen our Biblical worldview. I feel that strengthening our understanding of God s Word should be one of the first steps. Then we can share God’s Word inside and outside of the classroom. Liber