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Evaluate each source below using the CRAAP method. In total, you will evaluate six (6) sources and should end up with six paragraphs. After completing the CRAAP evaluation, writing in complete sentences, determine if the source can be used in a paperrr. Please be specific when explaining why you would (or would not) use the source.  

Please note, you do not have to read the entire source, however, you will need to read the abstract and/or summary and skim through the source in order to find and evaluate the Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Point of View/Purpose.

Source 1: O’Brien, E. E. (2008). The politics of identity: Solidarity building among America’s working poor. State University of New York Publishing. 

Source 2: Newman, K. S., & Jacobs, E. S. (2010). Who cares? Public ambivalence and government activism from the New Deal to the Second Gilded Age. Princeton University Press. 

Source 3: Ehland, C., & Fishcher, P. (Eds.). (2018). Resistance and the city: Negotiating urban identities: Race, class, and gender (Vol. 28). Brill.

Source 4:  Wagle, U. R. (2019). Ethnic heterogeneity politics of welfare state in the United States: A time series analysis, 1940- 2016. Race and Social Problems, 11(2), 185 – 204. 

Source 5:  Chiang, Y-S., & Chen, J. C. (2019). Does inequality cause a difference in altruism between the rich and the poor? Evidence from a laboratory experiment. Social Indicators Research, 144(1), 73- 95. 

Source 6: Radey, M. (2018). Informal support among low-income mothers post welfare reform: A systematic review. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 27(12), 3782- 3805.