It systems integerity – cloud computing

Topic :  IT Systems Integerity – Cloud Computing

Need  8 Pages of paper on Results, findings, discussions and conclusion. (APA format paper with atleast 8 peer reviewed references).

Please see the below points and write about it in question and answer format. (Also see the attached research paper which is a continuation of this paper and also the template).

Results and Findings:

  • Include the results of your study
  • Include figures and tables along showing visual comparisons
  • Include narrative text (not bullet points) describing the comparisons


  • A discussion and evaluation of the conflicting results
  • A discussion of the unexpected findings
  • A discussion on how the findings answer your research questions, address the      hypotheses or propositions
  • An explanation of the implication of your findings (why they are important      and how they affect our understanding of the research problem).


  • A summarization of the entire research project
    • What you set out to do (purpose)
    • What you did (methods)
    • What you found (results)
  • A critical evaluation of the research project, future research suggestions, and recommendations.