Integrated literacy unit assignment /


For this assignment, you will develop five integrated literacy activities that focus on the piece of literature of your choice. Feel free to use literature from your final project. You will use the attached template and complete the following steps: My State is Michigan 

  • Identify the grade level you will use for this assignment Kindergarten 
  • Identify a theme for your unit
  • Identify the piece of literature being used as your anchor text
  • Identify 1-2 literacy skills (from your state standards or Common Core) that will
  • provide the objective for your instruction
  • Identify the subject areas you plan to integrate and briefly explain the 5 activities you plan to integrate with your literature selection (Listening- Speaking, Social Studies, Math, Art, Reading Comprehension, Play, Writing, or Science).

Please look at the example which I have uploaded 

Part two Assignment  
Antitrust Law is my subject 

The 1st page is the Title page,  2 pages content, 12 pt. font, the last page will be a reference page for outside sources.