Info discussion (200-300 words) | Computer Science homework help

These discussion questions cover Week 3 – Week 4.

Respond to one or more the questions. While it is not necessary to answer every one, they are provided to give you a range of topics to meet your Discussion Board assignment objectives of quantity and quality of postings (see syllabus for grading criteria). Please note that, while interaction (frequency) is an important aspect of the quality grade, greater emphasis is on substantive content and analytic contribution based on the readings and supplemental material.

  1. Chapter Five discussions databases. How many of you use grocery card loyalty cards to obtain discounts while shopping? This is a significant marketing opportunity for the grocers to perform data mining on your shopping patterns. What is data mining? What specific data elements are stored on your card subject to monitoring by the chain? Does this concern you from a privacy perspective?
  2. Compare and contrast freeware, shareware and commercial software. What are the characteristics of each? Discuss examples.