expressing and defending your opinion – great society for phyllis

Expressing and Defending Your Opinion – Great Society


Based on what you learned from reading Utopia and from researching one of the great civilizations, write a 2-3 page argumentative essay in response to this question:

  • What makes a society great?

If you have not already done so, review the video on developing an effective thesis. Narrow your thesis to focus on one point that you find to be the most important. Provide several examples to support the main point.

  • Develop your essay using quotations, summaries, and paraphrases from Utopia and at least two of the sources from your great empire research.
  • Study the example MLA-formatted paper in this week’s online lesson and follow this format for the overall text (heading, page numbers, indented paragraphs, double-spacing) and the format for in-text citations/works cited.

Be sure to use signal phrases when you include information from other sources.

  • Note: The definition of a signal phrase can be found in either of your textbooks. 
  • Example: According to Sir Thomas More in Utopia, an ideal society devalues materialism. (655)