Cjus 840- biblical worldview | CJUS 840 – Stress Management in Criminal Justice | Liberty University

For the Biblical Worldview of Law Enforcement Officers Assignment in this course, you are
to write a short research which critically examines law enforcement officers from a biblical
perspective. Include any theory and practical applications regarding law enforcement and the

This research must internalize and express a biblical worldview of a law enforcement
professional. Your paper must be at least 5 pages. Organize and format your paper according to
the current APA format.

The items to include are outlined as follows:

 Length of assignment: Minimum of five (5) pages
 Information that is excluded from this length (e.g. title page, abstract, reference section,
 Format of assignment: APA
 Number of citations: Minimum of five
 Acceptable sources: Journal Articles published within the last five years, Textbook and
the Bible