Business brief | Operations Management homework help


  1. Read the case: Custom Molds, Inc. at the end of Chapter 2.

 2-3 page business brief 

  1. Case Background: You work for an outside consultant hired by the company. The partners (Tom and Mason Miller) have asked you to provide an analysis of this problem and make a recommendation.
  2. What are the competitive priorities for Custom Molds’ processes and the changing nature of the industry?
  3. What alternatives might the Millers pursue?
  4. What are the key factors they should consider as they evaluate these alternatives?
  5. Create a Flowchart that represents the operations at Custom Mold, using the information from the case and the work you did above.
  6.  Attach the following appendix to your paper:
    • Appendix A: Flowchart that represents the operations at Custom Mold.