Biography | English homework help

just write a biography  here is a begining:

Manny comes from Philadelphia , he likes playing basketball, tennis, and soccer. When he feel upset, he always listen to music or talk a walk. At the weekend, he usually takes part in some parties or just stay with his family.

He has a great family that include his parents, his sister, and his brother. And the most happy thing  that he said is he has a great family life, a nice family balance. His mother is very generous, and she would allowed he and his father to go to the party whenever they want. His father works in a college, and he enjoys clubs. So his parents hardly have an argument, and they both successful in their jobs. And his sister is his favorite person in his life and he takes pride of her, his sister is very talent, she study in Yale university now, he said his sister is really beautiful, she has a long gold hair, and she is taller than him. Manny still remember many things with his sister, and he told me one of the happiest to me:


It is about 3 years ago, he traveled to Florida with his sister.


please finish this biography and of course you can fix the begining, plz write about 1000 words