Bio 225-microbiology (select a eukaryotic microbial pathogen)


Select a EUKARYOTIC microbial pathogen and describe the type of microorganism you’ve chosen.  You can choose one from the textbook if that is easier.  Please be sure your pathogen is a microbe and NOT a large multicellular organism (NO tardigrades!). Which of the three types of eukaryotic pathogens discussed in Chapter 4 is it? You must post your discussion of an organism BEFORE you can comment on the posts of others.  

1. (4pts) Give a brief description of the disease that the organism causes. Include:

o the name of the disease,

o how the disease is acquired, and

o what causes the signs and symptoms associated with this disease  

2. (2pts)Include information on any treatments (if there are several, the most common will be fine) and how the treatment works to inhibit the organism.

o Be sure to include how the treatment works against the organism!

o Tell me about the target of the treatment if possible. What does the treatment do to kill the fungi/protozoa/helminth??

3. (2pts) Be sure to use appropriate Binomial nomenclature 

4. (2pts) Comment or ask a question in TWO other discussion posts from your peers.  

o Comments like “good job” or “I enjoyed your post” will not count!

o Your comments or questions need to contribute to the discussion of the organism!

o Remember that you must post before you can access your peer’s posts.