Assessing forensic psychology discussion question



I need help with my discussion question this week. If you think you can help me please let me know. I have posted the question below. Thank you!


Using the Internet, research the custody laws in your state. Analyze the legal implications, the process for conducting evaluations, and the position of the civil court in regards to child custody.

Considering the laws in your state, using the case study of A 13-year-old male whose family moved to the United States from Peru one year ago. He did not speak English before moving to the United States. Analyze how you might assess the child based on those laws:


Based on the case study above give a brief description of the laws in your state that govern child custody placement in divorce proceedings. Given the laws in your state and the case study situation above, discuss what areas a forensic psychology professional would assess in a custody evaluation for the case, and explain why, using specific examples.

I live in the state of Michigan, if you could use Michigan as the state of reference. Must be in APA format.