2 part discussion due tomorrow night

Article source 


Part 1 The first main discussion over the articles will be due on 10/30, by 11 p.m.

#1 Should reflect your individual research & writing – be careful with this as the safe assign in blackboard compares the writing This discussion should use the reading provided in announcements as well as a min. of one other credible source (not wiki or wikipedia or about.com etc.).  Use a more scholarly source.  You should have a min. of two in-text citations, one from the provided article & one from your source. More are encouraged. Include word count

( 275 words )

PART 2 together)

Discussion Topic:   Use the given article & your research to support conclusions for the following – two parts for the first posting.  Parts A & B must be submitted on first post for credit.

A. Define Ethics — Use a credible source and include in the works cited – fully define – no min./max. word count

B. In our article the author poses the question, “does the end always justify the means?” Based on this article & your own research, what are some reproductive technologies that are ethical & why? (use the readings to support conclusions with intext citations).  What are some reproductive technologies that are unethical & why? (use the readings to support conclusions with intext citations).   If you believe none are ethical, tell us why & use the readings to support conclusions with intext citations.  Be sure to use a min. of two intext citations with paragraph #, rather than page# – a min. of one from the given article & a min. of one from your research.   Also include word count. (275-350)

Be sure to include a complete works cited with all sources used